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Adaptation to loss

Grief is a normal response to life-altering events

We grieve what matters

Grief may be normal but it's intensely painful. When important relationships end, it's also incredibly stressful. We find ourselves grieving the parts of life that change because of the loss. Day-to-day routines, relationships, faith - all of these can change in ways we never imagined.

While grief is universal, our individual life trajectories shape our experience of loss too. Your path will look and feel different from others because your grief is unique to you.

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Team Hugging

Commitment to living

Grief is about the future as much as it is about the past. We grieve what could have been and the future you envisioned for yourself and your family. Letting go of these expectations can be as challenging as the loss itself.

When it comes to grief, there is no such thing as a timeline, a normal path, or "getting over" it. But we can learn to adapt to a new future and commit to living life in a way that is important, meaningful, and sometimes even joyful.


New Growth
New Growth

I can help

Together we can honor your grief while supporting your growth.


Therapy can help you process and incorporate your grief into your life story, heal from the wounds of loss, and re-envision your future.

I bring years of experience with illness, loss, and the need to find purpose. My experience in healthcare means I understand the exhaustion, depression, and trauma that often travel with grief.

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